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Maisie Dunbar, a celebrity cosmetic professional and body therapist. Maisie has been a celebrity in this business for over a decade, and has worked with celebrities from all areas of the entertainment industry.

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    <!--The TRENDS of the Season for Hair, Makeup and Nails.--> The TRENDS of the Season for Hair, Makeup & Nails.Hair: We are finding in the African American Community that Natural Hair is a huge hit. What's so great about natural hair is that it gives you the flexibility to wear your hair straight as well as textured. Please check out the different natural hair styles. To add a little enhancement to the hair for personality, just add a little highlight and low lights. Short hair is a definite for the Spring and Summer. Many women are expressing themselves by shaving one side and embracing multiple colors. As for men, a little more hair on the top is what is being sported, and a close shave with a little beard is what you can find for the season. Leaving the hair lightweight, not heavy, is a very masculine look; just close enough to keep it professional, but risky enough to be[…]