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Welcome to Maisie Dunbar Online

Maisie Dunbar, a celebrity cosmetic professional and body therapist. Maisie has been a celebrity in this business for over a decade, and has worked with celebrities from all areas of the entertainment industry.

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    Fortune V (5) Water Dr. Tahisha B. Brooks, OBL (Official Boss Lady) & Chairwoman of the Official BOSS Network Corporation, set out to create FORTUNE V (5) spring water as a high-class exclusive product of quality that co-exists with her established network empire for business leaders and professionals. Originally from a natural spring specific to a region of the floral Mountains where Rhododendron grows, FORTUNE V (5) water goes through a careful 8-step purification process to reach its trademark smooth, revitalizing crystal taste. To gather more insight about Fortune V (5), you can review my interview with Dr. Tahisha B. Brooks below: How did you decide on the name? Dr. Brooks: " I created FORTUNE V (5) Water from my network called The BOSS Network Corporation. I knew the importance of having a product to co-exist within your network was one of the key elements of network engagement and survivorship. I had a passion[…]