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Welcome to Maisie Dunbar Online

Maisie Dunbar, a celebrity cosmetic professional and body therapist. Maisie has been a celebrity in this business for over a decade, and has worked with celebrities from all areas of the entertainment industry.

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    Day One: My Journey to the U.K. The first destination of my journey is Nailympia in the UK where I am a speaker as well as one of the nail judges. Fortunately, things started out very smooth. I checked in at the airport and got all three of my bags for free. I get on the flight that was mostly pleasant except for the fact that I had to sit between two old ladies who both reeked of smoke, and on top of that, one of them looked like she had peed on herself. I don’t believe they were too fond of my company either. One of them appeared to be angry because I was reading! I guess she did not care much for sound of pages flipping. I totally ignored her, of course, but I could still feel her energy. Even though she did not say a word to me, I telegraphed my own body language[…]